Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Victoria Police caught abusing disabled pensioner

Many a person from the general population does not trust Australia's police force and for good reasons, case law aside.

The most recent surveillance footage from a person's home shows exactly the reasons why the general population should not trust the police.

If the roles were reversed and persons from the general population would use the same amount of excessive force against another single person then those persons would be charged, not so for these police thugs.

Noam Chomsky, a scholar and author clearly articulates in many of this lectures and interviews that the people in government will use whatever is available to them to combat their primary enemy, which is their own population.

A meme about the police policing themselves, where they found that they have done nothing wrong holds true in many cases against Australia's police force.

An example of this lack of integrity within Victoria Police is that of Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin, who was in charge of investigation police, was an online troll inciting violence against the African community.

While some people may say that the complaint system against police is 'broken', others will say that it is deliberately (by design) broken.

Police are under no obligation or law to not lie in any contact scenario with the general population, but rather encouraged to lie to obtain evidence incriminating the person they are interviewing or in contact with.

Going 'postal' on a disabled pensioner, as seen in the above screen capture of surveillance footage shows how the general population are treated with contempt.

Does the community really expect police to bash a disabled pensioner senseless?

Australia the police state since 26th of January 1788.

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