Thursday, June 14, 2018

Australian's forced online health records at risk

Australians are given the illusion that they live in a democracy with a choice, in this case with regards to their health records being online.

The official statement by The Department of Health is as follows:

"As part of the 2017-18 Budget, the Australian Government announced that the My Health Record system would transition to opt-out participation. By the end of 2018, every Australian will have a My Health Record, unless they choose not to have one."

Australians may not be aware that their health records are already online, maybe not in the "My Health Record" folder, but nonetheless "online".

When the corporation aggregate commonly referred to as the Australian Government, takes an action with regards to the 'budget' it's a cost cutting exercise where the general population is at risk.

The Australian Government's I.T. infrastructure is in shambles, but don't take the word of people in government to tell you this, as not only are they not obliged by any law to tell you (the tax slaves) the truth, the inadequacies can be hidden under whatever national security or secrecy laws they choose to install.

Make no mistake about it, your health records are 'online', where they can be accessed, but with the introduction of another publicly funded scam called My Health Record you are given the illusion that you have blocked a person's access to your entire medical history.

This is already what's happening where the people in government have not told you this but rather a publisher's employee trawling the web:

In any event you should opt-out of the scam scheme.

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