Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Royal Commission into banking and The Statute of the Jewry

People employed in businesses called banks have been committing criminal activity against the 'good' general population for quite some time, where only now a royal commission is being setup to investigate (and incarcerate?) those people committing criminal activity.

People should also note that this 'criminal' activity has deep seeded roots.

When a peasant commits a (criminal) driving offence, one's entire history is (unlawfully) put forward before the court since the person was legally in charge of a motor vehicle.

The people in charge of the banks, were oppressing the good people of England, to such an extent that to end this oppression the first Edward issued a law called The Statute of the Jewry in 1275.

When the Normans ceased to be strictly 'Normans' and became English in settlement as well as in domicile, the Jews were kicked out in 1290 AD.

So, can anyone point to this history being mentioned in today's royal commission?

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