Friday, October 4, 2019

Thug's wife escapes conviction despite being over 5 times alcohol limit

The colony we call Austalia is rife with money for mates jobs and criminal actions by those in 'power', where it's not what you know it's who you know.

Emma Walters, the wife of John Setka blew .282 or approx 5.6 times over the legal limit.

Magistrate Therese McCarthy did not record a conviction despite the fact that Walters had a relevant prior offence, something the serfs get 'hammered' (pun intended) for.

This so called judgement would go against community expectations, right?

You know how your local police deplore drink driving, yet the prosecution did not protest the lack of conviction?

It seems that they (the magistrate and police) were in it together, sweeping the matter under the carpet wanting it to just fade away.

Maybe if you're a piss head and a danger to the community when behind the wheel, you'd want the 'honourable' Therese McCarthy to help you out?

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Unknown said...

Ggrrr . cost me$6500 and 2years no license for.08 in 2006 the dogs