Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Zealand shooter: mainstream media feeding the trolls, inciting more violence?

You are told not to share the video.

You are threatened that you may be incarcerated for 10 years for sharing "objectionable content", more time in prison than a Cardinal charged with child abuse or even a murderer.

You are told not to share the (alleged) manifesto.

Maybe not to give attention to that person's name or his action?

Maybe not even discuss other possibilities on social media.

Yet the Rupert Murdoch media empire gave him the opportunity to forward his message, even while restrained.

The Rupert Murdoch media empire fed the trolls, 'conspiracy theorists' and alt-whatever direction they're facing at the time group of people.

It seems that the empire could be inciting more violence by broadcasting his message to the world.

No one would have known if they didn't publish it, right?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Migration: WWII to Australia, from one camp to another

The British colonialists have always been about the oppression of the serfs, in one form or another or from a few sides at once.

As people in government have known for eons, information or 'intelligence' is best kept from the general population, where misinformation is a 'natural' occurrence to further a government agenda.

The people in government in Australia realistically rule in secret, keeping information and many detrimental actions hidden away from public view.

A 'national humiliation' being the Queen's Whitlam letters, is just one example of many.

The publishing of the book 'The Chameleon Crown' by Dr. Anne Twomey was as a result of government 'shenanigans' .

Many other books have also been written exposing the corruption hidden from public view, regarding the practices of Victoria Police which are still current to today.

 How does that saying go again?

"Nothing to hide nothing to fear", right?

The people in government are also keen to rewrite history, once again to suit an agenda.

'Great Famine' aside, the British, in order to destroy the Irish, wanted to breed them out in the Caribbean. 

With regards to the 'Aboriginal problem' Langley Hancock (the father of Gina Rinehart) openly spoke about genocide, poisoning the water so they become sterile and die out.

To the colonialists, indigenous peoples, migrants or basically anyone who is not part of the 'administration' have always been considered to be fodder be it cannon or corporate.

Let's just put aside how many nations the British shafted as a result of World War II.

After WW II families that have been torn apart reconvened to start a better life for themselves in the opening arms of the Australian government, were blissfully unaware what was in store for them.

As governments are aware strength is in unity, where a healthy society rests in the balance of a strong family unit.

Disassemble the very fabric of society and you have control of its people.

So, once the World War II 'refugees' got to Australia, they were installed into slave labour camps the likes of Bonegilla, which were described at the time as hell, in relation to the temperature and living conditions for the new arrivals.

The colonialists true to their origins, also split family members up, not with regards to separate sleeping quarters, but rather separate 'camps'.

In today's day and age one can quite easily use their favourite 'search engine' to verify claims being made, but don't let the government propaganda pictures and stories of the day fool you.

The people in government have gone out of their way to whitewash the truth, where a new generation is indoctrinated with a  government propaganda slogan the "Bonegilla Migrant Experience", giving it such a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling.

Destruction of the family unit: It may be personal, and it's sure one hell of a great business.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

NBN - No Contract No Consent, right?

While Australians (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) in the physical world have been turned into consumers,

whereas in the digital world of Google and Facebook, they may not be 'customers' or even consumers but rather data providers i.e. corporate slaves, most are not familiar with the intricacies of  Australian consumer law, the likes of the 6 volume Corporations Act 2001 or the over 1600 page, 3 volume Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Through their digital personas many Australians have now been familiarised with the term "No Contract No Consent" via various social media platforms.

Some people have been using the above 'template' as a response to fines, etc which despite many claims does not work.

Very very briefly, in 'contract law', for the better use of the term, disclosure and your acceptance play a vital role in the providing of a service or purchase of an item.

Many people may erroneously state that in Australia we do not have 'common law', but in the example of a state's highest court, 'common law' is attended to every day where the Supreme Court of Victoria states:

"The Common Law Division deals with claims in tort or contract law and is responsible for appeals and reviewing contested decisions coming from other courts and tribunals."

Ref: https://www.supremecourt.vic.gov.au/law-and-practice/areas-of-the-court

In 2017 we put up an article that one of Australia's greatest (deliberate) failures the NBN will become compulsory, whether you like it or not, even if you did not 'consent' to it.

See link:

MANY households in the colony called Australia, would have received a letter from NBN Co as shown above, or a similar one from another corporation stating that their premises will be connected on a particular date, whether you agreed or not.

They're not the actions of a democracy, but rather a corporatocracy.

If in the 1970's you were travelling on a (hard working tax payer's funded) freeway and said that in just over 20 years that stretch of road would be come 'corporatised' by the state government, you no doubt would be assigned that label of a conspiracy theorist or a loony or nutter.

While the air we inhale today is of no cost, with all this climate change going on some boffin from the annals of government may even come up an new standard for example AS/FF (Australian Standards / Flatulence Factor) followed by a numerical value of 13 to 21

in order to to tax people for being the green house gas producers they are.

This law would apply to the serfs emitting the gasses from one orifice, since politicians emit from both ends, i.e 'top' and 'bottom' (pun intended) they would be excluded.

While 'straya is not clever, is sure is a "lucky country"

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cops and Robbers - A system designed to protect them

When the term 'cops and robbers' is used one would have the impression popularised by the US movie industry of the 'good guys' (apparently law enforcement)  versus the 'bad guys' , i.e. civilians gone bad, which is fine and dandy for the northern hemisphere.

You see in the southern hemisphere everything is downside up, and magnified when you're living in a real life colony, i.e. Australia.

The cops, i.e. humans part of the establishment and the robbers, in this case the hyenas in financial institutions are both the bad guys.

In a nutshell, the establishment protecting the people in businesses committing criminal offences.

Let's just put aside the farce the royal commission into banking was where at the end of the day, the customer / shareholder will be screwed over (financially) for any so called payments the banks may have to make.

What's worse (for the serf population) is that as a result of the commission there was a 'recommendation' that only two banks CBA and NAB face criminal charges with regards to over 13000 criminal breaches (only) in superannuation law, rather than actual charges being laid immediately as the police do against the serf population, when they have allegedly committed a criminal offence.

So let's looks at a couple of stories from today's mainstream media, where the first story focuses on the mentally retarded law of slowing down a driver's speed to 40km/h, pretty much immediately, even from a 110km/h stretch of highway.

Social media was alight with this story where a near miss occurred when a police officer was apparently nearly struck by a truck driver.

As a result of this there is a call (by police) to change the new road rule.

The intention (an important factor at law) of the new rule is to protect the lives of police officers and not the (serf) motorists.

In fact is seems that the law makers could not give a stuff about the safety of the general population, as this is reflected in their actions.

Please note that in Australia road offences are classified s criminal, where you are guilty until proven otherwise, which are called strict liability.

Hardly the fairy tail slogan of "innocent until proven guilty" touted somewhere else other than in Australia.

Australia's financial industry is one big criminal basket case which the so called 'authorities' allow to function and keep ripping off the good people, you know the 'mums and dads' investors.

Whereas conversely if a serf is accused (as opposed to being found guilty in a court) of withholding tax from the ATO, then the bank account is emptied, i.e. just another 'hint' that you live in a penal colony.

One of Australia's largest brokers, Halifax Investment Management, has screwed their clients out of almost $20m.

Will the people responsible see actual gaol time?

Will the screwed over investors recover 'their' cash?

The answers to those two questions are; most likely not.

Please note that one you give your cash to someone else, it's no longer in your possession, therefore no longer yours.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Facebook bans free speech

Fascism does not only occur in the real world but is also available online.

In this case the fascist 'state' is Facebook.

Corporations are restricting people's access to information, where Facebook has currently decided that the 'Corporate Australia' site is against Facebook's 'Community Standards'.

Facebook, being based in the U.S., is going against the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Bit of a bugger that!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Face unlock not so secure

You (the consumer) may be told from government and corporate sources that biometric (facial fingerprint algorithms) technology is secure and the way to go.

You may be enticed into purchasing one of the corporation's newest hottest products, touting unbreakable security, but the real reason for the push to sell their wares is for profits from an inferior product.

Samsung's current new offering the Galaxy S10, has facial recognition that can be easily bypassed.

See video:

at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGgQ9woZQOg