Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Android security patch updates (deliberately) too slow

It's nearly mid June and this is an example of the appalling state the IT&T industry is in:

It is apparently big news that you're getting a secutirty update two and a half months later.

Like maybe you do not deserve it, but rather you should be thankful that they decided to leave you vulnerable for those two and a half months, after you gave them your hard earned cash for 'their' software or use of hardware/ telco services.

An absolute pathetic approach to the 'consumer'.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cop avoids prison for unlawfully tasering man during roadside breath test

If you're in Western Australia or to be more specific Fremantle or Perth be careful of this psycho cop

Grant Keenan.

A great judgement letting him out so he can assault more seated (vulnerable) travellers.

Would he be so tough if the driver was in a less precarious position and the cop did not have a taser?

Australia, your Police State in action!

See article from 10 Jun 2019 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at:

Monday, June 10, 2019

Leaked docs: Gov. ripping off taxpayers in privatised road projects

Australia's governments (federal and state) are hives for 'money for mates' deals which are done in secret in order to rip off the taxpaying mums and dads and other hard working Australians that are targeted by the tax office to make up the 'deficit' the people in government created, while corporations and multinationals get away without contributing to society.

This is an example of everything that is wrong* with government.

* wrong = an incorrect opinion by the uneducated masses, where in reality everything is going according to plan by those in government, where those actions may be detrimental to the general population.

See article from 10 Jan 2019 by The Age publication:

Friday, June 7, 2019

Magistrate 'supports' copper bashing a woman

This is the face of a woman basher Ballarat police sergeant David Berry.

Another court case rife with falsified evidence by police resulting in a win for the policeman.

So, if a woman (or man) is no longer facing you and running (or walking) away, then there is no longer any threat to your person, where if you punch that man/woman in the back of the head you are assaulting them.

Well not according to Magistrate Frank Jones, which sends out a clear message that striking a woman in the back of the head is not considered assault.

An excellent precedent to use, if you're a woman basher copper or even a 'civvy' for that matter.

Back to the good ol' days of Corinna Horvath.

The system reminding the serfs that we live in a police state.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Police allowed to 'alter' evidence

Australia is a dangerous place for journalists, whistleblowers (i.e. people exposing corruption or criminal activity by those in position of authority), as well as for the general population otherwise known as the 'public' or more accurately the serfs.

With the recent events of the federal police raids on journalists exposing the 'Afghan Files'  where documentation of unlawful killing of men and children occurred by the hands of the Australian Government where they wanted to cover this up, the corrupt courts apparently have issued a carte blanche so called warrant, where those in authority can modify add or delete documentation, in reality tampering with evidence with total impunity.

 The police state of Australia is in full swing now.

Was the federal police raid on the ABC enacted out with a lawfully issued warrant?

See attached first page of the warrant:

(Source: supplied)


In Victoria, many motorists have had their livelihood destroyed by the so called sheriff and his deputies, taking action on alleged warrants, as a result of road offences, where in reality they do not exist, where the officers would ONLY present a spreadsheet style summary claiming that is all that was needed to take action.