Friday, May 23, 2008

Tel$tra - Smiling as we rip you off !!

When one is a Monopoly one makes up prices as one goes along.

In the ususal manner, a study is undertaken, as to assertain the pain threshold that people are willing to accept for a particluar service

Another way to decide a price is to go the pub with ones Executive Board Members, get sloshed, make up a figure and multiply it by ones Tax File Number. Naturally this 'meeting' is usually Tax Deductable.

One such service offered by Telstra, is that of Overseas Telephone Calls. There is no better way to find out the cost of such a service than from a person in the know.
To connect overseas Telstra pays $0.05, and passes on this saving to the consumer at a cost of $2.00. This equates to a 40 x markup !!!

Corporate Terrorism?? Profiteering?? Definitely not !! Just looking after the customer so that their pockets been laden with unnecessary change !!

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