Thursday, February 3, 2011

McDonalds Flood Relief NOT enough

McDonald's is the global junk food Goliath.

Their food ultimately makes you obese, has little nutritional value yet ironically McDonald's has set up Ronald McDonald House which cares for the families of cancer stricken children.

McDonald's are also actively involved in charities.

In recent events in Queensland, Australia, there has been major flooding, in the lower lying areas of Brisbane, from the authorities lack of pre - torrential rain releasing of the Wivenhoe dam.

As a result some suburbs have seen flooding, as well as the city's Central Business District close to the Brisbane River.

At the time of this post, North Queensland is currently being ravaged by tropical Cyclone Yasi.

In the illustration show a photo of a McDonald's store that has donated AU$517.95 to the victims of the floods.

An interview with a McDonald's employee has indicated that a McDonald's store takings is in the vicinity of AU$25,000 in ONE day.

The above illustration shows that Macca's total relief for the flood victims is 2% of a days takings. A small contribution compared to a day's takings let alone an entire weeks worth.

McDonald's also purchases water for their soft drink products from the Australian government at $1.40 per one million litres.

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