Friday, February 4, 2011

Aussie Airports - Free Public WiFi - NoFi

An all too common image of the alleged "Free Public WiFi" hotspot available at Australian Airports.

Australia has VERY little 'free' hotspots that one can use to keep in contact with others via their portable electronic devices such as ipods, PDA's etc.

Only a few global companies like McDonalds offer 'free' WiFi, but technically you have to purchase some of their JUNK FOOD in order to use the connection.

Australia's telecommunications 'monopoly' is stifled by Telstra, which is responsible for one of the highest calling rates in the world.

Data communications rates and plans are also the most expensive in the world.

The government body for consumers (ACCC) has done very little in order to stop profiteering by Telstra, even though Telstra is apparently highly regulated by the ACCC.

The politics is deliberate, i.e. to rip the consumers of in terms of service, and charge a premium for it.

A typical example for Australian shopping centres (malls) is to provide the consumer with expensive internet connections at approx. AU$6 per hour.

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