Friday, February 4, 2011

Queensland Floods - Corporate profiteering

A lot of the time when we hear of the word 'natural disaster' we normally think of devastation and suffering with the real possibility of the loss of life.

Quite often the mass media also focus on the public looting.

But there is also one other important aspect deliberately overlooked.

Some corporation's CEO's rub their hands together, licking their lips with $$$ signs in their eyes and see this as an opportunity of ripping of the public and / or the system.

The illustration was taken by corpau in a town in Queensland NOT associated with the floods at a Woolworths store.

This shows that a bottle of lemonade retails for %5.00 whereas the 'normal' price of the product is approximately 1/3 of the cost illustrated.

In the Woolworths store, there was NO panic buying, with the shelves being stocked as per normal.

The stock that Woolworths received was paid at a certain price before the floods, and according to their procedure should be sold at the normal recommended retail price, in order to realise their 'normal' profit margins.

Woolworths has clearly been profiteering from the floods.

Also it has emerged in the mass media, the Australia's two largest petrol retailers, Coles and Woolworths, are involved in a petrol racketeering scam, that has driven the price of petrol up by 20 cents.

The so called Australian consumer watch dog (ACCC) lies conveniently asleep, to the detriment of the general populous.

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