Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coles milk scam - putting Aussie farmers out of business

In recent mass media news Coles has made it into the spotlight that it is breaching the Trade Practices Act with regards to the discounting (sale price) of milk, and recouping the costs of this in marking up the price of petrol.

This practice has been going on for quite some time, and this is well known across the board.

All the major retailers do this (discount one product line, whilst hiking up the price of another), including Bunnings, Big W and others.

Information has been obtained by corpau, that this (price discounting) is NOT the major concern.

Coles is working to destroy the Australian farmer's production of milk, and to obtain this from global sources at a price that Coles will dictate to the general public.

This will be apparent in the coming years, and the 'necessity' for it will be dictated by the circumstances presented to the masses.

The milk bought from Coles, although sold in liquid form to the public, goes through a chemical process that makes it a powder.

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