Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corrupt Masonic Judges - Road Fines

It is certainly no secret to the people involved and to certain other sections of the community that there is a great deal of corruption in the Anglo - Masonic Legal System of Australia.

These are the foundations laid in Australia by the forefathers, and kept within the Masonic brotherhood.

What will never be revealed is the extent of fraudulent judgments against non masons based upon the other party being a member of the same lodge or any other masonic lodge for that matter, and NOT the merits of the case.

Court hearings where a masonic versus a non masonic member involve judgments made against the non mason as being :

  • "inadmissible"
  • "dismissed, due to not enough evidence / no grounds"

just to name a couple, even though legally they can be incorrect.

In Melbourne, Victoria a motorist was traveling a VERY HIGH velocity in their luxury vehicle on the Calder Highway.

They were stopped by a 'foot soldier' Police Officer, and after receiving the fine, the person contested it.

Upon greeting the Freemason Judge, the Freemason offender's fine was dismissed.

The judge who ruled this, being in contempt of court, should be expelled from the bar.

There are NO repercussions, against false and in contempt of court judgments, and the reality is there is NO place to go to get a corrupt judgment overturned. The so called legal procedures in place that one can lodge an appeal are a farce and an insult to the intelligence of the applicant.

Their applications is ALWAYS rejected , as you cannot to lodge a complaint to a Masonic Legal System, against a Masonic Legal System, and WIN.

The above speeding fine example is just one of many thousands that have occurred in a corrupt legal system.

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