Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cyclone Earthquake Tsunami - Media Lies

The mass media has a relentlessness focus on the 'shocking' reporting it as 'news'.

The events that unfold before out eyes provide the majority of these types of stories.

These stories of tragedies are brought to us as 'breaking' news by the media outlet, in that we can 'trust' them because they brought it to us first.

'Newsreel' information obtained by corpau, shows that Rupert Murdoch's media empire has made a false statement in that Queensland's cyclone Yasi was as large as North America.

North America is the northern continent of the Americas Amongst other counties it is made up of Alaska, Canada, United States and Mexico.

The United States is approx 24% larger in land area than Australia, that being 3.6 million square miles compared to Australia's 2.9 million.

Queensland's cyclone Yasi had an approximate land front of 400 kilometres or approx 240 miles.

If indeed cyclone Yasi was as large as reported by the mass media, then its devastation would be from Queensland to Victoria an length of over 2000 kilometres

New Zealand was also in the spotlight a couple of times regarding their earthquakes. Once in late 2010, and another time in 2011.

An interview with a local New Zealander expressed frustration, in that the first reports of the devastation were NOT that bad as purported by the mass media, saying that 'you guys blew it up' meaning exaggerated the facts. The mass media did it again in 2011 when the 'quake hit Christchurch.

The mass media works closely with governments in providing the masses with information that is conducive to a particular agenda, and is heavily sanitised.

Pictures / Videos do not lie, but what exaggeration will be made with regards to Japans tsunami?

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