Monday, April 18, 2011

Crime (fighting) does not pay speeding fines do

An interview by corpau with an Australian member of the Police Force has netted the information in this post.

The Police Officer mentioned that they are reluctant to take on 'jobs' that require many man hours that may or may not produce a conviction but rather to pursue speeding motorists as the returns are greater.

Withing the force a call out to a crime is labeled a 'job', in which as cost is taken into account once the task has been completed.

Just like Parking Inspectors, Police are expected to be an asset to the government rather than a financial liability.

The instructions are to make money for the government equal to greater to their salary.

The pressure on the Officer is from above, and it is irrespective if the Officer has good intentions or not to prevent crime or even to sentence any criminals, they must go out onto the streets to get 'easy money' from the motorists.

In one hour an officer can book approximately 3 drivers with an average fine of $200, making his worth $600 per hour.

A figure that is unobtainable pursing or convicting a criminal regarding offenses that may include robbery, aggravated assault or domestic violence.

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