Monday, May 28, 2012

Mowbray College closing down

A strictly adhered to government policy is not to educate the children of the masses. This policy ranks at the top of the list in government priorities, and its execution is varied.

The majority of Australia's cities are planned in such a manner, that the affluent classes reside in the east, whilst the lower working class reside in the west.

In Melbourne's west, recent announcement has been made that a private school Mowbray College, which has a few campuses, and an approximate student enrolment of over 1000 pupils, is under administrative hands.

Corpau has obtained information that the college has been in financial trouble since 2011, and this information has been kept secret. The school is in debt to the tune of $14 million.

Pleas have been made to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard to help out, including an extended loan from the NAB bank, where the schools finances are held.

In line with the above mentioned policy, the request for financial assistance has been declined. The reasons given cannot be faulted, and sound 'logical' and are justified by the 'authorities'.

Education is a very important process to enrich the lives of the people who are 'privy' to it.

The schooling policy of the ruling elite is to dumb down the working class children, drawing away attention from education, replacing it with a focus on 'entertainment' and  media studies (e.g. 'reality shows'), with subjects like maths and English being weaker every school year.

Corpau is also aware of the individuals who have committed the fraud, but will not be named, as the fraud committed by the people in charge of the finances will not only go unnoticed, but even if anyone is implicated they will not be charged nor incarcerated.

Another slap in the face for the working class, making sure that's where they stay.

The politics are in full swing.

Update: 29/05/2012 @19:56

Further information has been gathered, that the school is in debt to the tune of $18 million. Also paperwork shows that the school was in financial difficulties much earlier, from 2006, and all the way back to 1996.

Whilst the government is silent on this matter, funds are directed to a government public school, for a swimming pool to be used exclusively by the public school's students.

Fraud / Bankruptcy are one of the quickest ways to make money, where the funds are 'stolen' and do not have to be given back (bankruptcy).

What angers parents the most is that the media were aware of this well before the parents, and the parents were only informed by the corporate media via the medium of television.

The school was deceitfully obtaining funds for future activities knowing full well that they were never to be realised. Another criminal act that will go unnoticed.

Update: 30/05/2012 @11:17

Whilst the feelings of confusion, anger and uncertainty lingers among the families of the children from the western suburbs, the children of the 'ruling elite' from the east are treated to a different scenario.

Whilst the children of the working class, have funds withheld from their educational institutions for necessities, the Victorian government secretly channels millions of dollars annually into various private schools for luxuries.

These private schools from the eastern suburbs are marked by the government for indefinite support from taxpayer funding.

The source of the information has declined to be named or even hinted at where the information has come from, as the fear of presectution from authorities is too great.

The corporate media, filter through was information is to be put into the public arena, in line with the political agenda of the current government.

At the end of the day, the 'money for mates' scenario prevails over any other deal, legitimate or not.

Update: 08/06/2012 @09:47

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