27 May 2012

Police Spy Bike - Kawasaki 1400 GTR ABS

Governments are in the business of making money from taxpayers, under whatever pretext available.

A marked / unmarked police pursuit vehicle can obtain only a few ( at a maximum) traffic infringements per hour, which is seen as grossly inefficient in the eyes of the authorities, and so 'old fashioned' or old school.

Enter the new age of 'law enforcement'.

A youtube video : Police spy bikes -  Today Tonight, details how the new age of law enforcement is upon us.

In this video TT claim that the mission is so secretive, that they are not able to show the identity of the motorbikes.

The motorbike used is the Kawasaki 1400 GTR ABS

A police officer will now have the power to issue 'you' (the registered owner of the vehicle) an infringement notice for a 'minor' traffice violation, based upon video footage.

In this manner there can be a greater number of infringements issued per hour than can ever be achieved by a pursuit vehicle.

This is a pure money grab, and NOT a safety issue to reduce the amount of road deaths.

This new age of money collection does not apply to bikers ( proper term, and not the widely used term by the media - bikies), who are generally not prosecuted for road offences by police.

The old Hollywood movie saying "Innocent, until proven guilty" does not apply. You are guilty, and you have to prove your innosence.

The Orwellian age is in full swing.

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