Sunday, December 29, 2013

This story has been removed

THIS story has been removed 

A former NSW doctor has successfully appealed his jail sentence for mutilating a woman's genitals.

THIS story has been removed Dec 29 2013

Why was this article removed by ninemsn? 

Could one call it a conspiracy?
Definitely not, as this story has already been mentioned under the title:

Butcher of Bega Graeme Reeves released on parole and avoids dozens of charges

What is NOT a 'conspiracy theory' is the corrupt judges and doctors from the 'brotherhood' that work hand in hand executing a policy detrimental to the general populous.

Doctors cannot be sued, and are generally 'above the law', as they are registered 'corporate entities' and have the full support of the 'system' behind them, as well as their colleagues.

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