Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Corrupt thug cops in Melbourne’s Avondale Heights?

Some questions:

Are the jokes about the police being Year 10 dropouts justified?

Are the police really out for business as a corporation or are they here to “Serve and protect” ?

Is the Melbourne’s north western suburbs police station of Avondale Heights another criminal den of thug cops (Sunshine Police Station was) that are so hard up for business they are willing to create ‘criminals' out of innocent people?

Will Victoria’s police commissioner Ken Lay support this criminal activity of police once the information is made public?

Couple of answers:

Australia’s police ‘force’ are separate corporate entities, which have their very own ABN (Australian Business Number) in every state of Australia.

See: Australian Police Check ABN's at:

As of 2013, Victoria police are operating as a corporation under the unlawfully passed Victoria Police Act of 2013.

What’s happening in the suburbs:

In an average standard Melbourne suburb, a normal family who have a mortgage on their property, who lead a very law abiding lifestyle, get a knock on their front door (which everyone has the implied licence to enter your property - to your front door only) from a couple of people in blue uniforms from the local police station on Military Rd.

The police say that they wish to speak to a particular person, who at the time was sleeping on the couch.

The police then go on to mention that someone at the shopping centre saw that person steal something.

The police then went onto mention that since that person has a clean record, if that person admits to the crime, they “..will go easy on him..”

So, does the above description of events ring any alarm bells?

Well, for one thing the police did not carry out the proper procedure as required, before attending the ‘alleged’ offender’s home.

The police also did not take any statement from the alleged witness to carry out further investigation of possible criminal activity.

The police also did not view any of the store’s recorded footage, where the so called witness allegedly saw the person steal something, where the ‘alleged’ criminal could be positively identified, BEFORE attending their home (the term residence is omitted as this relates to a military occupation).

The person at the alleged time was factually at work, where tens of work colleagues can vouch for this, including the workers output can be verified.

A fair few concerned questions:

Could anyone just make up an event that did not happen and accuse someone else, so that the cops will give them a hard time?

Are the cops hard up for quotas on ‘arrests’ (as they, the arrests, are bonds cashed in by the corporation against your ‘estate name’?) that they themselves make up a crime?

Are the two cops Year 9 half wit drop outs that cannot even follow police procedures including a well known one called the Summary OffencesAct 1966?

Is this an isolated incident involving just those two coppers?

Is the hierarchy hiding more corrupt cops from the Avondale Heights Police station?

How many more incidents like this go unreported by scared law abiding Australians (remembering that the police have the guns and regularly assault innocent unarmed people)?

Is this a fair enough summary?:

If one did not know any better, one would think one was living in a police state, you know cop station on Military Rd, cops making up crimes in order for you to confess to, complaints about police investigated by corrupt police from their very own police station.

It is a real concern considering that at least 60% of Victoria Police admitted to knowingly committing a criminal offence.

The corruption of Victoria Police extends to the publishing of falsified crime statistics, supported by the the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay.

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