18 December 2014

Corrupt pensioner judges syphon hard working Aussie tax payers.

Hard working Australians sure do hate 'dole bludgers' (welfare recipients who have no interest in earning a decent living).

The corporate media jump on the band wagon of a grandma cheating a government welfare agency.

Many may say recently arrived migrants are living the life of luxury on government welfare, while partaking in either criminal activity or working 'for cash' (meaning not declaring it).

But realistically which sector of the community is responsible for 'scumming' off the taxpayers the most?

Could it be the persons who sit in a high almighty chair (in a totally different jurisdiction) in the Kangaroo Courts of Australia calling themselves 'judges'?

Well, lets shed a little light on the subject and 'you' can be the 'judge' of that.....

The term 'judge' is used very loosely in this context, where they, the judges receive, upon their retirement, a generous pension for not only themselves but also their spouse.

Male judges may have an official (female) spouse,and also a male lover (not quite that uncommon), where if it can be proven that there is 'cohabitation' the male lover is also entitled to a portion of the total of the family estate.

Even paedophile judges are not exempt from a generous pension.

The 'generosity' does not stop there, it also follows on to their children, where the children also receive a pension.

This also includes judges that so not uphold the 'law', or even recognise 'Human Rights' in accordance with international law, judges who 'err' in law, or even judges who have been up for judicial review.

Still pissed of at the small time 'granny' welfare cheat?

Bet you she cannot buy one of these from tax funded monies:

 If one did not know any better, one could be labelled by the corporate media as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Still not convinced Aussies live on a prison island, supporting the corrupt corporate 'elite'?

See current version of the Judges' Pension Act (1968) at:

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