Sunday, February 15, 2015

Charge Sheet and Summons - revisited

A person walks into a police station and reports a crime committed.   

After an apparent ‘thorough’ investigation the (corrupt) cops mention that they will NOT be pressing charges, against the perpetrator (a criminal supported by the corrupt cops), and the victim will have to pursue charges on their own.

“See your lawyer” is the standard advice given.

What the general populous may not be aware of is that when you enlist the services of a ‘lawyer’, that person does not work for you / to your advantage. They obtain all your evidence to see how they can not only use it against you but also use whatever loophole is needed to exonerate the corrupt people you are filing against.

Situation seems futile? Feeling helpless? Well, do not despair.

What the police use against you is something called a CHARGE SHEET AND SUMMONS.

It can also be used against them.

Comprehend what law has been broken, and use it against them.

You may be able to use the; Crimes Act (1914) for Commonwealth Crimes, Crimes Act (1958) Vic, Criminal Code Act (1995), Criminal Procedure Act (1986), or any other Act pertaining to the state you live in.

A sample of a Charge Sheet and Summons template (jpg at 600dpi, 4.38MB) that is used in the state of Victoria is available for download at:

Please note that:

  •  the nature of the crime and the police station are not mentioned in order to protect the identity of the victim.
  • the validity of law is put aside.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely good information. In Victoria the process is based in the Criminal Procedure Act 2009. s.6 and schedule 1 for details required. You also need to look in the Magistrates' Court Criminal Procedure Rules 2009 to know the filing rules and you should also find in that instrument another version of the Charge Sheet (Form 3).

I'm about to work on building a case against Iain Gillanders of the Police Traffic Camera Office.