15 February 2015

Two Melbourne police officers charged with drug trafficking, possessing proceeds of crime

Two Melbourne police officers have been charged with drug trafficking and possessing the proceeds of crime.

A senior constable and a constable, both from the North-West Metro Region, have been charged on summons following an investigation by the Professional Standards Command under Taskforce Keel.

Both have been charged with possessing proceeds of crime, trafficking a drug of dependence, three counts each of theft and three counts each of misconduct in public office.

They have been suspended without pay.

The pair will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 24.

The 31-man Taskforce Keel, headed by Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana, was formed in 2013 to investigate the alleged leaking of sensitive police files to outlaw bikies.

Thousands of pages of police documents were found at three Melbourne properties, triggering a major investigation into police links with drugs and bikies.

The leaks were discovered by chance during a series of drug raids in May last year and were sourced back to Fitzroy police station in inner-Melbourne.

Police said the station was mismanaged at the time, with the taskforce finding links to a large scale drug operation, theft, counterfeit money and even an unsolved shooting.

Printouts from the police database were scattered throughout the three properties, revealing the names of more than 1000 informants and known criminals.

Eight officers, including the suspected ringleader, were charged or suspended over the leak.

theage.com.au 13 Feb 2015

Only 2 (two) Victoria Police officers have been charged with drug trafficking?

There are PLENTY more out there!

Victoria Police is one of the largest corrupt organisations in the state.

The police literally have the protection of corrupt judges or magistrates / judicial clerks, where the system favours the criminal activities of police.

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