Monday, May 4, 2015

Former Young principal Michael Philpot avoids jail over child porn charge

Former Young principal avoids jail over child porn offence

A former Young principal avoided jail time over a child porn charge in ACT Supreme Court this week.
A former Young principal avoided jail time over a child porn charge in ACT Supreme Court this week.

A FORMER Riverina Catholic primary school principal has avoided time behind bars for soliciting an explicit image of a child.

Michael John Philpot, 58, was sentenced in the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday on one charge of using a carriage service to solicit child pornography.

Philpot, a former principal at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Young, first met the 13-year-old Canberra boy on social networking application Grindr.

The pair chatted and then switched to texting, sending explicit messages for a period of almost three months.
The boy’s mother told the court on Wednesday that the emotional scars of Philpot's actions will “remain forever”.

"Our lives have become fragile and fractured," she said.

Philpot’s crime came to light in April 2013, when the Catholic Education Office confiscated his school-issued iPhone, iPad and laptop.

Police were called and later went to the boy’s mother, who said the knock on her door was the start of an unimaginable journey.

She said her son had turned from a happy, fun child, to one who is angry, requires counselling, and self-harms.

"The scarring on our son's arms and legs are something that will fade over time," she said. "But the emotional scars will last forever."

Chief Justice Helen Murrell sentenced Philpot to 19 months imprisonment, but released him immediately on a recognisance order, which requires a security of $1000, two-and-a-half years of good behaviour, counselling, and supervision by ACT Corrective Services.

Philpot himself gave evidence about his actions, saying he was ashamed and disgusted with himself, but that he was undergoing counselling to understand the reasons behind the crime. His lawyers submitted he had already been punished, by being named and shamed in local media, and through the loss of his job and income.

Philpot had also argued the offences stemmed from a time of psychological and work-related stress. But Chief Justice Murrell said that submission “cut both ways”, saying Philpot had such a long way to fall because he was in a position of trust and esteem in the community. 15 Apr 2015

Another paedophile judge, letting people of his ilk roam free???

Just shows you how paedophiles are 'supported' by the corrupt 'brotherhood'.

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