Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Denial of Justice - Australian Nanny State Style

Maybe one hard fact that the general populous may have trouble with is that in Australia, the laws are constructed in such a manner in order to enslave the masses even further as time goes on.

This is from the mentality of a government that considers its people inhabitants of a penal colony.

The new (unlawful) laws are brought in under whatever pretext the government (corporation conglomerate) sees fit according to the politics of the day.

At this point in time it is from 'terrorism' and/or 'family violence' whereas (distracting the masses from the fact that) paedophiles are let loose to roam free among the community, even housing them next to primary schools or kindergartens, for easier access (deliberate by design) to their next victims.

So in the police state of Victoria, the corporation (as of 17 Dec 2013) commonly referred to as Victoria Police (ABN: 44 598 947 546) is making up laws to bypass the course of natural justice as outlined in today's newspaper publication The Age in the article below:

Call to bypass courts on family violence.

Australia is considered a penal colony, with the policy of denial of justice occurring in the courts every single day, against the 'serfs'.

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