Monday, August 24, 2015

Why it’s so great to be a paedophile priest in Australia?

Australia is usually referred to as the ‘lucky country’.

That may apply to some, but more often than not, not for many others.

The authorities 'forget' to teach you in school that it’s a country setup by invasion, war and genocide with orders from the English empire, where the people of this continent were officially put under Martial Law from 1788 to 1828.

But alas we digress.

In Australia ‘catholic’ priests have been abusing children for many generations, and it’s only now that this is surfacing, where the true extent of these heinous crimes is still being hidden by the ‘authorities’.

So why is it so great being a person of the (loin) cloth?

Well for starters:

  • You have a great ‘lifestyle’ syphoning from tax payers funds,
  • Your purchases (car, etc) are tax free,
  • You get extra cash for weddings, funerals etc,
  • The plebs that earn their money through blood sweat and tears put in on your tray every Sunday (for spinning a bit of BS about a ‘supreme being’ that created everything), you do not have to declare and spend up big on booze and strippers,
  • You get to prey on innocent children, and threaten them (as a person of 'authority) if they say anything.
But wait there’s also these perks as well(?):

  • You have the full support of corrupt politicians and law makers that are part of the ‘brotherhood’,
  • You have the Australian police ‘force’ concealing your crimes for decades, as the ‘brotherhood’ takes over again.
And here’s the icing on the cake(?):

  • If you’re part of a farce called a ‘royal commission’, you will not spend any jail time whatsoever,
  • If you do end up in court (which is for show anyway), you might be judged by a (professional colleague) fellow paedophile ‘judge’(who's part of the 'brotherhood' anyway), where the sentence will reflect your common bond.

So does it really pay to be a paedophile priest in Australia?

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