27 August 2015

Notice to all pretend sheriffs in Victoria

According to law, as stated in the current listing of Victorian Acts, under the SHERIFF ACT 2009 - SECTION 51 states:

Offence to impersonate sheriff, deputy sheriff, sheriff's officer or justice employee
A person must not impersonate the sheriff, the deputy sheriff, a sheriff's officer or an appropriately trained justice employee.

Penalty:     6 months imprisonment.

ref:  http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_act/sa200985/s51.html

It's a bit of a bugger if you're not really a sheriff isn't it ??? !!! ???

Note: The actual validity of law (read the Act) or any other Acts is put aside.


Anonymous said...

Are most Sheriff Officers of the single Sheriff Brendan Facey?

Alexander said...

The law will not stop them fining you for riding a push bike in the city without a helmet.