Friday, October 9, 2015

McDonald’s scamming you of your time and money.

There is little doubt that many people are aware of the global junk food empire called McDonald’s even in third world countries.

The products sold by McDonald’s are marketed as ‘food’ (for consumption) which is carcinogenic, creates obesity and diabetes, has a high sugar and salt content detrimental to general health and well-being, and is high in calories and low in nutritional value.

It is of little doubt that McDonald’s is a multi billion dollar empire made on the stupidity of the ‘cannon fodder’.

They are synonymous with tax dodging, low wages and in Australia have registered a charity (not susceptible to tax) to help people with cancer called Ronald McDonald House (RMH).

How ‘oxy-moronic’.

So here we have a company that with its products help cause cancer, yet it helps people with cancer.

What McDonald’s have done now is that they’ve gone on national Australian TV to advertise their RMH, for the plebs to make a financial donation to their charity, and also for you to donate your precious time to a company that helps create cancer.

So, in summary- a multi billion dollar company that helps cause cancer, needs the plebs’ time and money.

We do not support or recommend McDonald’s or their products in any way whatsoever.

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