Sunday, November 15, 2015

Government see it's people as 'rubbish'

So, you think you are a pretty 'learned' person when it comes to matters of importance?

'You' as a 'subject of the Queen' according to the 'Australian Constitution' apparently have a say?

When you raise a matter with your local MP, they are supposed to follow the 'will' of the people, right?

Well, actions speak louder than any 'conspiracy theories'.

In Australia, you're a nobody, a corporate slave, a 'serf' or a piece of 'rubbish'?

Well that depends on what you do.

If you're a footy/cricket/tennis fanatic, then you're okay, a 'fair dinkum' Aussie.

A nice little corporate slave?

BUT if you question the actions of the corporate criminals in position of power (e.g. government, multinational corporations), you're:

  • spoke down to or
  • a 'conspiracy theorist' or
  • wrong and put in your place or
  • or put on a 'watch list' ???

One example that made it into the corporate media was with regards to a concerned resident, Sharron who wrote a letter about her concerns with regards to a planned burn-off that went horribly wrong, where the response from the bureaucrat was that she was 'rubbish'.

This is the response from people in 'authority' that your hard earned taxes are entrusted to???

This is the sort of scum that is in office that 'governs' the Australian people.


Paris Kalachnikov said...

This is why they get my contempt and beligerence in any and all correspondence reminding these Trading Company and their Agents they are subject to policies ("laws") that only apply to them and only them!

AuCorp said...

Many UK law 'experts' have called Australia a legal 'basket case' with reference to Australia's colour of law. Many people are NOT aware that Australia is still a colony, and with respect to 'law' it functions on agreements and consent, putting aside 'common law' i.e. murder, theft etc.