16 November 2015

Police hack facebook account - How can you really trust the Police?

The criminal actions of Australia's police 'force' literally know no boundaries.

They are more corrupt than the society they serve!!! !!! !!!

Naturally you will see no criminal charges against the persons involved or even dismissal from the 'force'.

What's even worse is that the (corrupt) police will investigate itself.

As long as the people are criminals for speeding 2km/h over the 'speed limit' is all that maters.

From the source of 7 News at au.news.yahoo.com on 16 November 2015 of the headline:

Magistrate labels NSW Police surveillance tactic 'criminal offence' 


Magistrate labels NSW Police surveilance tactic criminal offence
A Sydney man was charged over 'indecent', superimposed photos that featured a serving officer and were uploaded to a private Facebook account. Picture: Fairfax Media
A magistrate has ordered New South Wales Police to pay almost $15,000 in court costs and dismissed charges against a man whose closed Facebook account was hacked by authorities.

Fairfax Media has reported Sydney man Rhys Liam Halvey was charged for six offences after authorities illegally accessed and surveyed his private Facebook account for four months.

Mr Halvey was arrested and charged for three counts of using a carriage service to offend police and three counts of publishing an indecent article.

It has been reported that the man had posted ‘indecent’, superimposed images of a serving police officer on his Facebook page.

Controversial observation tactics. Photo: Supplied
The surveillance tactics were supported in court by a high-ranking officer, however, magistrate Roger Brown believed the “unauthorised access” to be a “criminal offence” and dismissed the charges.

Mr Brown also ordered the police to pay $14,429 in court costs in September.

Mr Halvey’s barrister, Andre Turner, in a formal complaint to the Police Integrity Commission, questioned how widespread the “snooping” was.

The NSW Ombudsman has referred the complaint back to police for investigation.


Unknown said...

My Twitter account was cancelled because I was asking the Victorian Dept of Justice why a document was forged about a member of my family!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. I would say the level of corruption in the Police is also a reflection of social break down. There's also a case of corruption in higher levels of Government flowing down into the Police ranks or choices to who is recruited.

Australia is no longer sovereign, it's a bitch to the Untied Nations agenda and people are sickened to the core over its direction. It's only going to get worse unless there's a revolution. The majority of people are too stupid and corrupt to want goodness anyway.

Anonymous said...

Facebook should be avoided at all opportunities. It is the place to go for Police and Intelligent Agencies to source data. They also have Google API's and Tools but they are thick like Windows Users and stick to one domain.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently at a cross roads if I should take the Police Traffic Camera Office on a civil case for misfeasance - a Police Tort. I could also pursue my own private prosecution (criminal case) which would then be misfeasance, but there are massive problems with evidence gathering and other information. Then consider fees and possible legal representation costs of the accused if the magistrates fails to see the corruption or is corrupt themselves and dismiss the allegations.

I'm in Victoria and IBAC declined to help. Their excuse, resources.

I keep thinking about the term "blessed are the peace makers". Then I think about have the balls and just do it as a way to get them to pull up their socks and if I lose it's only money.

Victoria's government has become so corrupt.