Saturday, February 27, 2016

Politicians, judges, police should be charged with 'dishonesty'

Australia's 'Executive' is one corrupt bunch of people.

"Executive??? !!! ???" mumbles the footy/cricket fanatic pleb in a Scooby-Doo voice.

Yes 'Executive', you know the people in 'power' like politicians, MP's, judges, magistrates and let's not forget the police. They too are part of the executive.

There are criminals from all walks of life.

Some of them are CEO's of banks, literally untouchable by law.

Some of the make policies for the plebs, also untouchable by law.

Some of them even carry guns, intimidate and even kill people. They lie in court, produce falsified evidence, destroy incriminating evidence against them.

No, they're not bikkies, they're part of the 'Executive' called the police.

When a pleb commits criminal activities his face and his crimes are published in the pleb's paper The Herald Sun.

Take this muppet for example, he is wanted for DISHONESTY.

Could you imagine the police putting up mug shots of the people who are supposed to serve 'us', you know politicians, MP's etc in the paper, wanted for 'dishonesty'??? !!! ???

It would be ten times thicker than it currently is.

But that would NEVER happen.

The police work for the executive and NOT the 'people'. Never have and never will.

They are an integral part of the corruption and deceit on the general populous, and will be for quite some time.

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