Monday, April 4, 2016

Penal Colony Law - Smoking banned in YOUR own home

Many people not involved in the legal profession, and even those who are but not able to comprehend law, may struggle with the legal reality that Australia is still a penal colony of good ol' mother England.

Let's put aside the fact that from 26th of January 1788 for 40 years there was Martial Law installed on this continent.

A real good start for a 'new' country?

It's not a matter of a 'conspiracy theory' or a 'freeman on the land' movement, but rather a stark reality in law.

The introduction of so called new laws can be a testament to this legal reality, taking away any dwindling rights the people have as 'subjects of Her Majesty'.

The corporate media has reported that now the Victorian government plans to introduce a new (unlawfully enacted) law that bans people from smoking inside their home, even though it is supposedly referring only to high rise dwellings.

See illustration from the 4th of April 2016 by the Herald Sun:

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