Friday, June 24, 2016

Descendant of first contact says Australia was invaded 'by gunfire'

Rodney Kelly is the eighth generation descendant of the Gweagal aboriginal warrior, Cooman, who was shot by Captain Cook's landing party at Botany Bay in April 1770. Kelly says Australia was invaded 'by gunfire'.

He says the shield belonging to Cooman still has white ochre on it from that day, and a musket hole from when his ancestor was fired upon.

The shield has been preserved in the British Museum for more than 240 years.

Now, Rodney Kelly is crowdfunding so he can travel to the UK to meet with the British Museum and continue his campaign for the shield's return to Australia.

'We feel [the shield] takes us back to a time before the British come here, it connects us back a long time ago. It's just significant, we have lost a lot of history, we've lost a lot of things,' says Kelly.

'For this shield to be connected to us is very significant and makes us very proud. We we just want it to come back home to Australia.' 23 Jun 2016

What the masses are not taught about is that from 1788 for 40 years (officially) Martial Law was installed on this continent.

So is that a 'we come in peace' action? 

No treaty unlike with the natives of a place called New Zealand. 

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