Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dob in a drug dealer but not a corrupt cop

So apparently the herd population is told that the 'law' applies to everyone.

In reality the situation is quite the stark contrast.

The application of law in a penal colony, like Australia, is quite different than from most other 'free' countries or even republics.

As people should be aware the police is part of Australia's 'executive', i.e. working for the government, which today in reality is a corporation conglomerate.

So the 'authorities' encourage the inhabitants of a penal colony to 'dob' in a drug dealer, i.e. inform the authorities / police that someone is committing 'criminal' offences.

So what happens when the 'authorities' are committing criminal offences and they are 'dobbed' in?

Well just Queensland's Sergeant Rick Flori.

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