Saturday, November 5, 2016

Amazon to destroy Aussie families and take all their data

Many people may not be aware that the Australian government is not about protecting the livelihood of Australian families by protecting our jobs or our job market.

The ex PM of Australia Tony Abbott stated in an interview that Australia was started off as an economic project, something that many people may have not payed attention to.

Current laws allow companies like Telstra to sack (e.g. 700) Australian workers (who need to 'work' to support their families, pay the mortgage , put food on the table and send their children to school) and employ a significantly more people from cheap overseas labour camps. 

Families can and do experience all sorts of stresses and pressures including physical/emotional abuse as a result of lack of employment due to the actions of people in government.

The government apparently tells its tax slaves that that first job of a government is too "look after the safety of its people" (Bronwyn Bishop Q&A programme on ABC).

The "safety of its people" is not only from external invasion, but also from domestic threats.

If the people in government have created a domestic threat, then that's a failure of government, where the people in government should be sued for damages.

The retail market is very fragile where it takes a battering from online 'stores', where it is difficult for a store to have extremely low prices compared to an online 'store' where the overheads are  significantly less, that being no store rent among other expenses.

The people who have a physical retail store need it in order to survive, to bring in cash to feed the family, pay the mortgage and also to keep the economy going.

If people do not have cash they cannot spend it to keep the wheels turning.

Another aspect people are not being made aware of is 'big data' or vast collection of your private and personal information.

The people in the Australian Government are allowing Amazon to 'destroy' Australian retail when they allow Amazon to enter the market in September 2017 with prices 30% cheaper than local stores.

But here is what you are not being told by Amazon nor the Australian Government.

Amazon wants this information from you when you log into their store from your mobile device.

  • Why does Amazon need access to your (personal) documents, other files and files in the cloud?

  • Why does Amazon need to take pictures and video in your private dwelling?

  • So how are the Australian privacy laws going to protect the herd populace?

They're not.

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