30 October 2016

Does Victoria Police really care about their oath of office?

MANY a lay person is not familiar with the criminal offences employees of a corporation (since December 2013) called Victoria Police commit every day.

One of those offences is a 'random' licence check.

A licence you say?

With who?

A private company, with the ABN of 61 760 960 480, of the name VicRoads ALSO trading under the name of ROADS CORPORATION and Sprayline Road Services (from 7 Jan 2014).

Ref: http://www.abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?SearchText=61760960480

But aren't Victoria Police supposed to swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth?

Yeah.... Which one?

The U.K. Monarch (Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) or the unlawful statute (some schmuck) Queen of Australia?

It gets even better.

It 'seems' that Victoria Police do not give a sh!t about the oath of office, as depicted by Colin Greenland from Nunawading (Battlefield / ceremonial ground in Aboriginal) Highway Patrol, as heard in recorded link:

NOTE: We recommend ALL interaction with police to be recorded covertly or 'in your face'.

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