Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tax office to issue unlawful fine for its stuff up just like the bureau of statistics

Many people were bullied (let's just put it nicely) into filling out the 2016 forms from a place of business called the Australian Bureau of Statistics (#censusfail ) where the was no lawful directive to do so.

In Simpleton's terms it's like being told you must fill out a questionnaire from McDonald's on what foods you eat, where you will get a fine if you do not do so.

So, now comes another 'scam' from the Australian Government in the form of an unlawful fine from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) if you do not return the tax forms by a certain date.

But you cannot lodge it by that date as their computers have crashed (#taxfail).

Wait! Don't tell us. Were they're run by IBM?

That same IBM that was in charge of #censusfail? 

Nah, the Australian Government couldn't be THAT stupid?

Why IBM won a service award from Gartner.... PMSL!!! !!! !!!

P.S. Don't worry about the ATO's unlawful fine as your research would have lead you to the fact the ATO is not a lawful entity, from legal and court submitted documentation as opposed to 'conspiracy theories'.

See article from 1 Nov 2016 by of the headline:

 Tax return deadline pushed back as MyGov website glitches

The tax return deadline has been pushed back after MyGov website failed yesterday.

THOSE scrambling to lodge last financial year’s tax return will have an extra day before the deadline after technical issues with the MyGov website caused people to be locked out of the online platform. 
As people rushed to file their tax return at the eleventh hour, a number of users were unable to access proper functionality on the website with people reporting they were unable to log on.

Services run by the Department of Human Services, including myGov, were “affected by a short 10 minute disruption” on Monday afternoon, general manager Hank Jongen said in a statement.

“After which services were restored. We apologise to any customers who were inconvenienced,” he said.

Although the disruption was relatively mild, a number of Australians took to social media to complain about the issue, not knowing when it would be resolved.

Complaints of the website glitch first began popping up in mid afternoon.

The Australian Tax Office Twitter account responded to a number of complaints on the social media late yesterday afternoon and advised a number of users that the site was back up and running at around 6pm.

Tax returns lodged after the October 31 deadline can face possible late lodgement penalties ranging from about $360 to $900, although there is no guarantee late lodgements will incur the fine.

However the Australian Taxation Office says the deadline will be pushed back until the end of Tuesday, allowing anyone potentially inconvenienced by yesterday’s disruption to file their return today.

“People don’t need to worry, penalties won’t apply for anyone who lodges their tax return tomorrow,” a spokeswoman said in a statement on Monday night.

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