Monday, December 5, 2016

Justice for the serfs for superannuation theft may take 20 years

So let's have a look at a practical example of how law works in a colony of the United Kingdom called Australia.

So, you've gained access to a computer in the institution you lay your head at night to sleep in and you've gone on a legal crusade to find 'justice'. In your crusade you have been convinced that you're a 'free man' and that only one (universal?) law applies, that being "cause no harm".

Now armed with this knowledge you comprehend that 'theft' is also part of this universal law called 'cause no harm'.

Lucky for you that Australia's judicature has also caught on to this, as it's also defined in 'Common Law', where theft is considered a 'criminal' offence.

So, let's take for example a member of the masses / general populous / serfs / tax slaves / 'mums and dads investors' walks into a mobile phone retail giant and steals a 'dummy' mobile phone, who has the unfortunate luck of being caught by Australia's finest policy enforcers, will end up with a criminal record / conviction for 'theft', you know from the 'cause no harm' law.

If the same member of the above mentioned pleb populous would venture into a office stationary franchise to steal a box of 100 pack of 28mm paper clips of the retail value of  $0.94, and were to be unfortunately caught, one should be charged for the theft of the 'profit' on that item. None the less it is still theft irrespective of amount ($0.23?).

So let's do a flip to the situation where the victim is a member of the tax slave populous, you know the beer and footy bogan crowd.

Let's put aside the fact that that ATO (Australian Taxation Office) is not a lawful (it is a 'legal'?) entity.

Let's put aside that superannuation is a fraud on the unsuspecting masses.

We'll stop here as if we keep mentioning of what we should put to the 'side' we may not finish this post.

An article in the mainstream media stated that there are 2.4 million workers ( read tax slaves / serfs / bogans, etc etc - geez the mainstream media gloss things over) defrauded of their superannuation to the value of $3.6 billion for the financial year of 2013-2014.

Now this is the BEST part (NOT!):

IF you want 'justice' for your person with regards to your stolen superannuation it may take up to 20 years, see attached illustration:

How law works against criminals within the 'system' 101:

  • If policy enforcers / employees of a law enforcing monopoly, break into your house (unlawfully) and beat you senseless (until you cannot remember your name), as in the example of Corinna Horvath, you have to seek remedy outside of Australia, namely the UN (Human Right Commission), and it takes 20 years for an employee of  Victoria Police to get charged.

  • As an example in Victoria when you obtain an unlawful 'fine' originating from Victoria Police, where it comes from a person (NOT a police officer) sitting in a car parked illegally on a nature strip taking photos (with equipment not certified by the NMI - National Measurements Institute) of a vehicle traveling above the speed limit and do not pay it, the registered person of that vehicle is automatically classified as guilty (in breach of the law), the unlawful fine progresses to a warrant from an unlawful sheriff, where if you do not pay, they clamp the vehicle or STEAL that person's possessions.

Their 'remedy' can be reached in as little as one year, the slave populous 20 years...

STILL not hurting enough and want to keep watching the telly?

Australia's 'laws' made by corporations for corporations.

Corporate Criminals: 1, Slave population:0

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