Sunday, June 25, 2017

Australians love being governed by illiterate drunk criminals

You've heard the saying that Australia is at the ar$e end of the world, geographically speaking.

It also seems that they are at the ar$e end of the political and legal world.

It seems that any drunk or illiterate from the cesspool of society can become an MP.

It's been a long established fact that the MP's do not work 'for' the people but rather for the interests of corporations or their own private agendas.

The people in 'power' in Australia have been misbehaving for quite some time, to such a degree that the U.K. authorities had enough and enacted a law called the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865 in order to "keep the bastards honest" in this colony of the British empire.

As just one example, in 'our' time, the U.K legal profession has (officially?)  been shaking their heads in disbelief the legal bordello the Australian lawmakers are pushing through at least since the mid eighties (Australia Act anyone???).

In any event the Australian general population is very content with illiterate idiots re-presenting them (maybe that's a true representation of the Australian people), with MP's getting pissed and making decisions while drunk in office at the expense of the Australian taxpayer, and their representatives committing criminal activities of fraud against the tax payers purse.

Why do the Australian people love it?

Because their "silence is acquiescence", they do not care that they are governed by criminals, drunks or illiterates in positions of office.

On the global stage that does not look good for the good ol' Aussie does it ??? !!! ???

It just gives the people of the world the impression that Australia is FULL of bogans and f_ckwits.

The best part about it is that the politicians are laughing at every one of their 'slaves' that are supporting their criminal lifestyle.

AS they say "Australia the LUCKY country", but they never did say for who...

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