Thursday, June 29, 2017

Authorities to swindle your property while you sleep



We have been privy to documentation detailing communications between a city council, bank and a law firm involved in the theft of cash from a customer's bank account.

The level of fraud, deceit, collusion, corruption and criminal activity (to the lay person) is almost beyond belief.

On the whim of a letter we have a bank giving permission to a law firm to fraudulently take cash out of a man's bank account.

The authorities sure do detest their slave population, so much so that they are taking action to take away the rights the slaves purchased to the land right from under their feet WHENEVER they please.

The idea is so that the peasants have no worth, zero collateral.


Transfer of Land Amendment Bill 2014

                        Introduction Print


Clause 8   inserts new section 27BAA into the Transfer of Land Act 1958.

           Section 27BAA provides that the Registrar may, by notice

           published in the Victoria Government Gazette, declare

           certificates of title or classes of certificates of title to be void and

           of no effect from a specified date.

           This new provision will facilitate the phasing out of certificates

           of title by giving the Registrar a discretion to declare particular

           certificates of title or classes of certificates void from a specified

           date. For example, the Registrar could declare void all

           certificates of title where the land is subject to a mortgage.

While this 'just' happened in the state of Victoria, think this is NOT going to happen in YOUR neck of the woods?

If you do NOTHING they just might sweep the very ground you are walking on right from under your feet.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend keeping cash in the bank.

We acknowledge National Federation of Independent Business for supplying this information.


Johnny Kay said...

How many property owners out there that have payed off their mortgage, and have still left it in the banks hands. Very dangerous indeed. I recommend to get the title deeds, which will cost you a fee approx $300 plus and if you want their name of the title it will cost you another $110, Thieves. The banks are the real robbers in this modern world we live

mele host said...

To me that legislative insert is more to do with bank collapses or other swathes of invalidating titles on some other status. The decisions have to be published in the State's gazette.

ResearchAustralia said...

Here is a bombshell regarding the Council Rates, Council Tax

You know they are a fee for service?

The high court in Mabo v Queensland 1992 affirmed the Feudal (feodal) principles of land tenure in Australia. The Customary-Belief from the Norman conquest in 1066 that "All lands are holden mediately or immediately of the Crown" Justice Brennan.

So we pay the council "fee for service" because all the land in Australia is under leasehold tenure from the crown. It is a perpetual, compulsory fee that the land owes. It is irrelevant what the Shire Councils reasoning for collecting and what services they provide. The land owes a fee, if you can not pay the fee, Council will sell your property and if you do not surrender your property. Men with guns, under oath from the crown will ouste you with force.

Lets we forget...

Lest we forget the 700 plus years of grievous oppression, the 15 years of civil war, and the killing of a King.

Council rates(meane rate on land valuation) can not exist in Australia.

It is 2017.
The feodal system was ABOLISHED Forever-Hereafter in a 'Statute of the Realm' 357 years ago.

ABOLISHED 110 years before the then Lieu-tenant James Cook under Royal Instructions, in the Royal Navy, on her majesty's royal ship, claimed the East coast of Australia a Royal Incident IN-HONOR for the crown.

The King was killed and the ONLY reason there is a Monarch on the throne today,
is because the new King signed this LAW under the Great Seal.

There is no ambiguity, this Act of Parliament a Statute of the Realm is very clear as to what it means. If there was any doubt, the Parliamentary debates of 1660 confirm that there would never be any revenue demanded from the land.
Again, clear in the Parliamentary debates of 1690 “The King can have nothing from the land it is alienated from him”

The Greatest theft of the people of the Realm. It requires action.

The informational summary above represents 10 years of investigation and research - ResearchAustralia

ResearchAustralia said...

The high court affirmed in mabo v queensland 1992, that Australia
adopted the feodal (feudal) tenure doctrine.
The King owns all the land and the land owes a fee based on valuation.
Council Rates!
Australia can not be under the Feudal doctrine as the doctrine was ABOLISHED FOREVER
110 years before the then lieu-tenant James Cook claimed the East Coast of Australia as a Royal Incident for the Crown.
1660 The Abolition of the Courts of Wards and Liveries and Parliamentary debates 1660 and 1690