Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who let the terrorists in, who who who who who?

Have you been effected by an imported 'human'?

Has this piece of garbage caused you harm, suffering or loss?

Well at the end of the day there is a man or 'person'  (two distinctly different entities) responsible for this.

In light of the 'terror' that happened in the Melbourne beach-side suburb of Brighton on Bay St, the machine called the 'Australian Government' imported one Yacqub Khayre from Somalia to commit violent acts against the good people of Australia.

Instead of incarcerating (imported) criminals or sending them back,  the judiciary lets this danger back out into the community (in order so that they can re-offend' - GREAT for court business), where  ultimately one entity is responsible from bringing this scum into the country.

At the end of the day Australia's immigration minister Peter Dutton is responsible for bringing in garbage / human waste / 'terrorists' into this country that ultimately commit criminal activities against the good people.

After all the first job of a government is to keep its people SAFE.

YOU failed to keep the people safe Dutton!

Call for Peter Dutton to be removed from office.

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