04 June 2017

Victoria Police covering up their criminal actions and those of others

We have obtained documents from various sources over the years that show a high level of corruption and criminal activity within the organisation known as Victoria Police.

From deliberate inaction to apprehend known criminals who steal from the mass population to highly organised white collar crime worth tens of millions annually where that masses are the victims, Victoria Police has consistently chosen to protect the criminals involved.

At the end of the day whenever a member of the general population is a victim of criminal activity regarding injury theft or fraud one can surely not count on the highly rigged judicial system to obtain a remedy.

We have also obtained considerable information from people within the 'brotherhood' who have given information on the condition of strict anonymity, where many cases have been won or dealt with outside the courts in favour of the person who is member of the brotherhood irrespective of fault, facts or so called legalities in play.

Currently we are looking into the white collar crimes Victoria Police is 'supporting' where the cost to the victims of crime could easily amount well into the tens of millions annually.

Many people may not be aware that Australia's police force, being part of the executive, are not 'public servants' meaning they do not work for the people, but rather for the people in government protecting them and their interests where the mass population is literally the enemy of 'the force'.

Since there are many matters to document, this is a "watch this space" scenario.

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