Saturday, August 12, 2017

Australian courts concealing the true extent of crime

The people in government talk a lot about transparency.

The herd population's actions,  movements, conversations and digital footprints  must be stored in some government dungeon for whatever reason though up to justify a political agenda, as mandated by some unlawfully enacted Act.

But when it comes to government transparency, there is an eerie silence.

ANY facebook lawyer will know that the three levels of government must operate independently of each other as also there must be a separation between the church and state.

The people in Australia's government  have brought in savages from overseas, under whatever pretext, that commit violent criminal actions against the good people of Australia.

In order to cover up the extent of this apparent 'failure' of government, their brethren from the court system, want to conceal the extent of criminal activities committed against the good people of Australia.

In effect the 'system' is supporting the criminal actions of migrants against the good people of Australia.

How can you trust ANY judge / magistrate if they are to conceal the truth?

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