14 August 2017

PUBLIC WARNING - Do not buy from Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur

There is a plethora of dodgy businesses being set up purely to rip off Australian 'customers' of vast sums of cash.

Many of these businesses put a false Australian shop front either in the form of a website domain name registration or a so called 'office' in a tech centre.

The problem is that once they've stolen your money, the Australian authorities can do very little in terms of offering the victim a 'remedy'.

The New South Wales government has issued a public warning in 2016, where customers have had their cash stolen by the company who also trades under other names as Camera Sky and Klukkur, where they could not reach them on behalf of Australian customers.

One year later and the company is still trading.

irrespective of what the so called reviews are.

See article from the NSW Department of Finance Services & Innovation of the headline:

Public Warning: Do not deal with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd


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