Monday, September 25, 2017

Mainstream media lies on gay marriage 'vote'

The lies and deception from the people in government on the same-sex marriage 'vote' have been phenomenal.

The other problem is that the people in the media have not reported the truth either.

Australia's mainstream media has deliberately lied to the good people.

Australia's mainstream media has labelled a survey / questionnaire from a business called the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABN: 26 331 428 522) a vote which it is not.

The documentation given to the Australian people clearly states that it is a survey where there is no mention of it being an official government vote.

So, just in case you missed it this is how the survey form looks like, sans comments in red and blacked out 'confidential' personal identifiers:

The ABS has also ran a television advertisement promoting people to take an action in commerce i.e. to complete the survey form (which the ABS will sell for profit).

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mele host said...

Let's not forget this is an attempt to change the Constitution by stealth and no referendum. Changing the definition of words - in this case historical meaning of "marriage". You've probably already alluded to this.