30 September 2017

City Council workers impersonating police officers to steal people's cars?

Not many people would be aware the Australians are living in a colony of the British empire, where many will argue that they live in a democracy or some may even go Magna Carta on you and recite something that resembles "no free man shall..." blah blah blah, but fail to note that there are no "free men" (at law) in Australia.


So now it seems that the people in some sort of 'authority' (no not you silly - according to the Constitution) can now impersonate police officers in order to take people's cars away.

Will they get charged by police?

Does the police condone this kind of behaviour?

See video

where it is available for download from the following link:


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Unknown said...

Great video. (adage) The uniforms casts the persona.

Unknown said...

The police can escort anyone but it is totally questionable why SPER (Qld State Penalties Enforcement Registry) are taking action for municipals (foreign corporates acting as authorities).