Friday, October 20, 2017

A new government of Western Australia from the 18th of October 2017?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what's going on within government.

You know there's these things called Bills and Acts that sneak past the plebs.

In the corporate world it's also hard yakka, as amalgamations, 'hostile' takeovers, and other business deals are a plenty.

So, what's been happening in Australia's largest state, the state of Western Australia?

What happened on their morning of the eighteenth day of October in the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen, while the rest of the country was still sleeping due to the time difference of the circular globe spinning around on its axis?

Well from what we are told, Clause 61 of an old Imperial law called the Magna Carta was used to oust the two lawful tiers of government.

That's a bit of a bugger for them !!!

Please Note:
We have a spare room for any Western Australia politician who has no where to sleep as a result of this action.

See the following post from social media;

The text for the above screen captures reads as follows:


Apparently the post was NOT posted by the real Wayne Glew.

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