18 October 2017

VicRoads CEO John Merritt quits - Conspiracy 'theory'

So, the mainstream media reported that John Merritt, CEO of VicRoads has quit.

Who in their right mind would quit a 'money for mates' job, right ??? !!! ???

We have seen documentation alleging criminal actions by the CEO Mr. John Merritt, which also includes privacy breaches, and claims of a lawsuit against him and the business he works at.

VicRoads has (and still is) committed actions against motorists which carry a criminal conviction and financial penalty, but it's up to you the 'victim' to call the crime AND support it according to the given laws.

We 'invite' John Merritt to comment here with regards to his 'quitting' of such a cushy job.


Let's see how long Victoria's (alleged) sheriff Brendan Facey will be around for, as we've heard that things are heating up against him

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