Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Notice to all Tasmanians who have been to court

In April 2015, the mainstream media wrote an article on how Tasmanian magistrates were not sworn in correctly from the past 30 years, which means that they were not in office lawfully (as opposed to legally).

Since the advent of social media the herd population have become more aware that a law exists called the Constitution (for short) that the people in government must follow.

Some people did not stop at "WHEREAS the people" and went as far as Section 44 which mentions something about an allegiance to a foreign power, which was what all the fiasco was about with the Members of Parliament  in office.

As a result the mainstream media mentioned that the actions of the Members of Parliament who were not sitting in office lawfully "could be challenged".

Similarly the actions of a judicial registrar, magistrate or judge 'could' or rather should be challenged especially if your 'person' has been harmed either physically or financially.

Since the people in government will never refund the cash to their tax slave population, the effected person must make a claim in the appropriate 'forum' in order to obtain a remedy.

So in a nutshell, in order to obtain a remedy you must take action.

Over two years have passed since that cat was out of the bag with regards to magistrates handing out unlawful orders to the 'accused', and from what we are aware no one has taken action in order to obtain a remedy for harm caused to their 'person'.

It seems that not only people do not want to obtain any remedies, they are quite happy with the people in government causing harm to them.

No wonder the people in government are laughing at their slave (mentality) population.

OBVIOUSLY the herd have it too good here, and they need a bit more of third world internet speeds, oops sorry that's already been taken care of by the NBN Co (or whatever their incompetent name is).

Remember your (collective) complacency gave you the slavery you so desire.

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