Monday, October 16, 2017

What we really think of Coca-Cola

Apparently the global junk drink giant Coca-Cola Amatil has an opinion about the herd population consumers.

Wow, who would have thought.

The best part about it is the we too have an 'opinion' about Coca-Cola.

We think;

- Coca Cola should be inducted into the 'junk food' category of consumable products,

- Coca Cola's sugar laced products are carcinogenic,

- Coca Cola's products products are detrimental to the environment and to a person's well being,

- Coca Cola would not exist in Demolition Man (1993),

- Canon fodder and people who want cancer deserve to drink Coca Cola's sugary products,

- Coca Cola destroys communities e.g Warrnambool in Victoria, Australia.

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