Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A republican is a criminal in Australia?

Many people should be aware that currently the people in Australia live in a constitutional monarchy, which offers the good people of Australia privileges and protections.

People should also be aware that there is an ever growing republican movement in Australia.

So to spell it out quite clearly it (the republican movement) is not only an enemy of the crown but also a Commonwealth criminal offence as per section 24AA of the Criminal Act 1914 as shown in screen capture below:

See definition of "Republicanism in Australia" (Source: Wikipedia)

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Aura Blue said...

As I understand it, the constitution was sidestepped initially in 1922 with the Queensland government side stepping the upper house. In 1972, Whitlam then began a new Government stepping over the Commonwealth of Australia Government. The new Government although illegal was named and listed as Australian Government. Unless we the people stop agreeing with the Australian Government, we the people have no priviledges or standing. We are ruled under an act submerged and sea ACT which rules us via Admiralty Law.
This is how I comprehend it to be.