18 January 2018

Microsoft demands your mobile number for Windows 10 setup

Microsoft wants your phone number when you set up their Windows 10 (build 17063) Operating System.


A part of the global surveillance policies in 'force'.

Your phone number is a piece of data that is tied in to your 'person's' name.

Your person's name is the most important piece of information in a legal matter for without that there can be no 'accused'.

Is this a step towards where every 'person' on the internet is 'guilty' until proven otherwise, with their alleged actions?

We do not recommend the purchase of products that contain Microsoft's Operating System


Unknown said...

A great alternative is Redhat GNU/Linux, it is also free. Windows is absolute junk software, if it wasn't making so much money, you would ditch it all together.

Unknown said...

Windows is absolute junk software, if it didn't make so much money you would ditch it entirely.
A good system is Redhat GNU/Linux and it is free to download.