Monday, January 29, 2018

BlackBerry not so secure, should face court action - backdoors your emails

BlackBerry a (previous) phone manufacturer together it's own proprietary 'device' operating system is apparently renowned for its well advertised secure product, that being the phone's operating system mated to its corporate email solution.

The phone manufacturer literally gave phones away to government businesses where its cash cow was the email backbone to its servers.

Word spread very quickly of its apparent secure communications, that the general population were using the phone as well.

Well it seems that not only was the general population deceived, so were all those who thought they were exclusively logging into their 'private' email servers.

It seems that you were not logging into your server, but also re-routed through to GCHQ.

See attached screen capture of the details;

The 'problem' with a closed system, many lay person does not have the resources to find out who their phone traffic goes to.

This does not only apply to BlackBerry, but also to operating system manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft together with a plethora of app developers.

We do not recommend logging into any site from your mobile phone.

Do not think that BlackBerry's Android phones are secure or private.

It looks like you've been screwed over by John Chen.

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